Create a Nostalgic Nursery with Retro Nursery Crib Bedding

Published: 11th May 2010
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Fashions change rapidly through the years, with colors and patterns gaining and loosing popularity. It has been said that everything old comes around again, and we can see this is true even in baby bedding. A retro nursery can be achieved easily through just a few simple colors, patterns, or prints based on classic styles. Many manufacturers have created contemporary nursery bedding collections drawn from retro and vintage design. Here are several nursery bedding collections based on styles and colors from days gone by.

The easiest way to bring the past into the modern nursery is with a nursery bedding collection featuring a vintage print. The Vintage Toys crib bedding set by Cottage Dreams has a crib bumper featuring classic cars, trains, planes and boats in a bold red and blue collection. For your little surfer, Surf's Up nursery bedding by Glenna Jean features beach-themed vintage fabric depicting surfers, sandals, and wood-paneled cars with a post-card picture feel. Sock Monkey crib bedding by New Arrivals shows adorable classic sock monkeys circling the crib bumper coordinated with vintage red ticking and wheat gingham fabrics. Your baby will sleep like a princess in chic Vintage Floral nursery bedding by My Baby Sam, a sweet set with polka dots, stripes, and soft vintage flower print in pink and white. For an edgy alternative print, consider Tattoo nursery bedding by Fairy Tale, depicting classic tattoo flash complemented by soft midnight blue minky, for the ultimate in vintage prints. A vintage print will instantly call to mind past ages and create a retro feel for your baby's nursery.

Retro patterns often include circles, polka dots, or paisley in their designs. Retro Circles nursery bedding by Hoohobbers baby bedding is a prime example of retro patterned nursery bedding, with bubbly circles in 70s-themed pinks, greens and muted yellows. Glenna Jean baby bedding offers two wonderful retro bedding collections - Wave Length is a dominated by a wave pattern in brown and green straight from the past, and mocha and tan colored Flashback bedding features geometric printed circles and squares. Paisley Splash Green by My Baby Sam inc. is a fun nursery bedding set featuring a bevy of retro patterns including gingham, stripes, polka dots, and paisley print in brown, green and shades of blue. Vintage flair abounds in Flea Market nursery bedding by New Arrivals inc, featuring a hanky ruffled crib skirt comprised of individual vintage handkerchiefs sewn together, complemented by blue polka dot bumpers and red ticking ruffles and crib sheet. Sweet Potato baby bedding offers several retro nursery bedding sets featuring concentric squares - Milo bedding set in punchy 60s orange, yellow, blue and green; Domain nursery bedding in 70s chocolate and blue; and Neutron crib bedding in mod black and white with splashes of orange. For a classic look that never goes out of style, try N. Selby's Garbo nursery bedding collection, an art deco design in simple, sophisticated shades of pink, gold, bronze and brown.

Retro nursery bedding can easily create a vintage nursery by creating a focal point with nostalgic colors, patterns and designs. There are many bedding collections available in a wide selection of styles inspired by yesterday's fashions. Choose vintage nursery bedding to bring the best of the past into your modern nursery!


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